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CHCC Launches DIRECT Secure Messaging for Health Information Exchange (HIE)

January 2014

Last week the CHCC launched its DIRECT Secure Messaging service and conducted initial training for health care providers island-wide.

Training was held at the Commonwealth Health Center for all hospital providers, private providers, and key staff members. On top of the hospital providers, representatives from the following private clinics attended: Hardt Eye Clinic, St. Jude Renal Care Facility, Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Pacific Medical Center, Dental Care, Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, Smile Marianas, Marianas Eye Institute, and the Saipan Health Clinic. Attendees were given an overview of the DIRECT project and trained on how to use the system.

DIRECT Secure Messaging enables secure, encrypted communication and exchange of protected health information (PHI) between known trusted parties.  The CHCC is utilizing the Alere Accountable Care Solutions DIRECT Secure Messaging system and the University of Hawaii is working with CHCC to provide the training and technical support. The web-based system is available for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, Medicaid staff, medical services staff, and other clinical staff. 

Esther Muna, Chief Executive Officer, CHCC, said, “the DIRECT Secure Messaging service gives all providers in CNMI a solution for sending protected health information securely and according to HIPAA guidelines.  The system is easy to use and does not require an electronic health record.”

The DIRECT Secure Messaging system was funded as part of the Health Information Exchange grant from the Office of the National Coordinator for health IT.  The service is offered to providers at no cost for the first year.  For more information please contact:  Janet Guerrero, telephone (670) 236-8778(670) 236-8778.